Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Got What I Deserved!

I guess I finally got what I deserved. Jeff (who by the way is 5 years older than me) has had back problems ever since we have been married. I always pick on him and tell him "your an old man," "it can't be that bad." He always takes it well when I pick on him but at the same time he always says "one day Missy, it will happen to you and you will see." Jeff and I have this relationship where we pick on each other a lot. Its are way of being fun and loving at the same time (yes we have issues.) Anyway, I have been doing a lot of lifting and let's face it Flip is over half my size already so when I pick him up its like picking up over five 10lb bags of potatoes!! Well the other day I was leaning over and sneezed and to my surprise I felt a horrible pain in my lower back. I have been on a heating pad ever since praying for the pain to go away. Jeff (even though he has been very helpful through this) has enjoyed picking on me. He has said "all this from a sneeze? Wow baby you are getting old!!" I had to apologize for all these years that I made fun of him!! This morning I am feeling better and I just figured I needed to apologize to Jeff publicly so here it is baby:

I am sorry for making fun of you all these years! Thank you for taking care of me through this!


Geef said...

WOW!!! Not only did you apologize, you did it in PUBLIC??? I can't believe it!

THANK YOU.....hope you get better (old lady!!)

Jawan said...

Missy, so glad I found your blog! Now we can spy on each other. I'll add you to my blogroll.