Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

I am starting this blog on Halloween cause I feel there is a lot to share in our lives lately!! Flip, as most of you know, is 4 and this is the first year that he has really gotten into the holidays at all. He was able to pick out his own Halloween costume this year and his pumpkins!! He has asked me every moring since the end of September "Mom, is it Halloween yet?" Every morning we talk about how many days are left and how many nights he has to sleep before it is here. This morning was so great when he asked and I finally got to say "YES!! Baby, it is Halloween!!" He squealed and laughed!! Its amazing how we forget as adults how much these holidays meant to us as a kid. Having a kid brings back all the excitement but 10x's more!! I think Jeff and I both are more excited about tonight and getting to watch Flip enjoy it than we ever were as kids!! I hope tomorrow I have some fun exciting things to tell you guys about with 'BATMAN' and his trick-or-treat adventure!!