Monday, November 3, 2008


Flip had a great time trick-o-treating!! We all dressed up (including our neighbor) and took Flip out. I am sure all the other families trick-o-treating wondered why it took 3 dressed up adults to take 1 four year old out....well, all I can say is "WE ARE JUST BIG KIDS TOO!!!"

Flip is already on to the next thing. While I was getting him ready for bed Friday night (taking is costume off and all that jazz) he asked me "Mom, can we put up our Christmas tree now?" I normally try to wait till after Thanksgiving but all it will take is one more "Mommy please let's put up our tree" and I will be pulling out all the Christmas stuff!! I know I am a sucker!!


stephinbham said...

Hey, my stuff is out! I haven't put it all up yet, but it's definitely unpacked. I can hardly stand to wait!