Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Trees

Sunday we decorated our house for Christmas. Yes its a bit early (even for me) but Flip was ready to do it and we had the time. For those of you who know me well you know that I am very picky about my Christmas tree and decorations. When Flip was a year old I decided it was time to buy him his own tree so he would not care for mine. Just to let all of you know I have been collecting the ornaments on my tree for years. I have a lot of money and work in my tree! So Sunday when we decorated his tree he thought it was great!! He had the colored lights and fun kiddie ornaments, mine has white lights and glass ornaments. I figured this was good. He will be so tired from his tree he will not care about mine (his tree is 6 feet tall so it was a lot for him.) We finished his and I started mine. Jeff thought he'd help me by getting Flip to help him cook dinner (no matter what Dad is doing Flip wants to help cause Dad is the best.) HAHA!! The joke was on me. Flip didn't care to help Dad he wanted to help Mom. So holding my breathe I let him help me a bit but I had to catch myself many times from getting on to him. I probably got on to him more than I should have. It is suppose to be fun, right? Anyway, after a long evening of having "too much help" we put Flip to bed and went to bed ourselves. On Monday I found myself starring at "MY" tree wondering if I should rearrange the ornaments or not. Well after 2 hours of studying the tree I could not help myself. I moved the ornaments all around making "MY" tree mine again. This year Flip did not noticed when he got up from his nap but I am afraid that next year I will have to leave it however Flip man wants it.