Saturday, February 21, 2009

I wanna go with you.....

OK guys, tell me. Does this sound like Flip wants to be part of my pain? Does he like to see his Mom go through the thing that he hates most? I found this very funny. It makes me wonder what really goes through his mind. Just so you guys know, I am always the one to take Flip for his shots. Not that Jeff wouldn't but I stay at home so of course it falls to me. Last August they had to give him 4 shots and he remembers this like it was yesterday. It was horrible for him!!
I have had several obgyn appointments the last two weeks which Flip has not been able to go to (for reasons you all know.) He has been staying with a friend of mine that he calls Miss Melody. Next week I have to go back to get an injection which Flip calls a 'pinch.' So here it is:

"Flip, guess what?" I say.

"What Mom?"

"Next week you get to go to the doctor with Mommy. I am only going to be there for a few minutes and you get to go with me!"

"No thanks, I will stay with Miss Melody."

"But Flip all I have to do is get a shot and there is no reason for you to stay with her when it will only take a few minutes."

"No, I will go play with Miss Melody. Mom what's a shot?"

" You know baby, a pinch."

"Oh really?! Momma I wanna go with YOU!!"

I thought about all this for a few minutes and was confused with the excitement about my 'pinch' when it hit me, Flip was excited that it was finally my turn to get a 'pinch' and not his. He just wants to be there for my pay back for all the pinches I have to take him to get!